Poster Presentations

The Poster Presentation provides further opportunity to promote networking, to present research findings and to enable lively exchange.

[in alphabetical order]

[to be continued]

Prof. Dr. Margaret O’Brien, University College London; Matthew Aldrich, University of East Anglia; Merve Uzunalioglu, University College London; Sara Connolly, University of East Anglia; Kelly Ward, University College London

Parental Leave across the EU-28 [working-title]

Dr. Katja Köppen, University of Rostock; Prof. Dr. Michaela Kreyenfeld, Hertie School, Berlin; Prof. Dr. Heike Trappe, University of Rostock

Gender Differences in Parental Well-being after Separation: Does Shared Parenting Matter?

Tjorven Sievers , Oregon State University

First-time parents’ attitudes towards divisions of labor in the context of parental leave policy and welfare state regime in Germany

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